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#0 - 2006/09/29 01:28:52 PM
1: Ranged attacks don't suffer from glancing blows.
2: Dualwielding melee weapons is generally better for pve because of the stats, while using a 2h is usually better for raptor strikes in pvp.
3: Scatter Shot > Wyvern Sting
4: The best possible build for PvE atm is 20/31/0
5: Survival will gimp your pve dps, but is very handy in pvp
6: Herod's shoulders are crap for a hunter even at that level 40, so stop using it
7: 1 point of agi gives 2 RAP
8: RAP means Ranged Attack Power
9: Alot of buffs, even a few that specifically doesn't say "only melee AP" will also not increase your RAP, like the Onyixa Buff (ralllying cry of the dragonslayer)
10: Our rank 12/13 set is better in comparison to the Tier2 pieces in basically every aspect, both PvE and PvP
11: Stamina helps in PvE too
12: 53 agi = 1 %crit
13: Feign Death whipes all your aggro, even if your pet is still attacking the mob or you don't get the out of combat message somehow.
14: The best rank of Distracting Shot equilvents 600 damage points worth of aggro.
15: Don't waste mana/debuffslots on Serpent Sting in pve, there are better debuffs and it's not worth your mana.
16: About 40-50% of your damage is "white" (in pve), meaning autoshots.
17: Clearing your target before feigning death will _not_ decrease the chance of getting Feign Death resisted, so don't bother.
18: Male Troll hunters is the ugliest class combo.
19: Take your pet off before you jump over an edge of some sort in an instane.
20: If you get aggro in a raid you suck.
21: Let a warrior take Ashkandi if he wants it, but take it over a paladin.
22: Lhok'delar sucks.
23: Rok'delar don't.
24: There are a few fights where even the hunter can make good use of resistance gear.
25: You can tank just about everything there is that does physical damage for 10 seconds with deterrence.
26: Mana/sec > Spirit
27: Arcane Shot is useless for long-term DPS, but not for kiting.
28: Blackhand's Breadth > Royal Seal of Eldre'Thalas
29: Ranged weapon normalization means that all our ranged weapons skills are jammed at 2.8 attack speed, meaning our skills (yellow damage) are no longer affected by attackspeed.
30: White damage (autoshots) still are, and the best shooting cycle is 3.4 speed weapons if you use it right, it will also save you arrows.
31: Don't let any other class convince you to pass Barb of the Sandreaver or Eye of Nerub for them.
32: Don't bother with Rank14.
33: Guns, crossbows or bows are not different, the only thing is that Trolls have +5 bowskill and Dwarves have +5 gunskill, and the speed usually differs from them, and you use different quivers/ammo pouches for them.
34: You're not allowed to blame a lost duel because of skills on cooldown.
35: To kill a smart / well geared paladin (solo) you need a long road and about 20 minutes of spare time.
36: Aspect of the Cheetah / Pack will not cause you to daze if a debuff makes you take damage.
37: Minor Speed Increase on boots does not stack with the aspects.
38: Don't get too fancy over the +ranged weapons on races or on some gear, it only helps +hit and +crit very very little.
39: Get the "naked" mod, which will undress all your gear incase you're not sure you'll survive after you feigned death.
40: A hunter is nowhere near the top DPS class.
41: If two hunters uses hunters mark on a mob at the same time, sometimes two hunters mark debuffs can occur on the mob and both those adds RAP.
42: Mend Pet doesn't work on taurens.
43: Scare beast works on druids unless they're in caster form.
44: Arcane Shot is an instant skill, which means only about 43% of your +arcane damage points will be added to the damage.
45: When you feed a pet, wait until the feed buff is gone before you feed him again, and don't get him into combat because it will remove the feeding buff.
46: If your pet soloes a mob, you will get no xp/loots from it.
47: Our deadzone if 3 yards.
48: Feign Death / trap isn't an exploit, and you don't need a macro for it.
49: Avoid melee.
50: When you're facing a level 63 mob, there is a base of 9% chance to miss, and you can make up to this with +hit gear. Get scope +3% hit on yor ranged weapon instead of +7dmg unless you've hit the +hit cap already or only do pvp.
51: You can still miss a mob with +9% hit, the same chance of missing another player of your same level in pvp.
52: To check your ranged crit%, mouse over your "attack" button in the spellbook and add the % from Lethal Shots in the MM tree if you have it, nothing else.
53: Rogues and Warriors like trueshot aura.
54: Casters don't really care.
55: Use a pet whenever you can in raids whatever the others say, and try to remind them of it when you killed the boss with about 1% margin.
56: Don't have the pet skill "Screeth" on when you're fighting the twin emps, it will aggro bugs. So will multishot if you're careless.
57: If you're facing a huge mob, Screeth will not affect him since it doesn't reach his "middle point" with its low range. A trick to this is to manually place your pet (using eyes of the beast) "inside" the mob where it can reach, place him there to autoattack/screetch.
58: Screetch is very handy on fights like Patchwerk.
59: Pets can not get beamed on the C'thun encounter, so don't be afraid to use them. They can catch mindflays and the likes on the other hand, which is ofcourse very handy.
60: If you want a good pvp pet, get a boar and train him with full shadow resistance to resist fears. Don't bother with stamina/armor since they don't bother to kill it 99% of the times anyway.
61: Your pet can not gain/lose happiness in a battleground (exception is AV (since you can fight mobs, pve environment) or if you res it yourself)
62: +healing gear affects mend pet, but don't go crazy over it.
63: Don't use multishot on a mob that is closed to a sheeped/cc'd one.
64: People generally have pre-judged thoughts about your class, the only one who can change it is yourself.
65: The demons really aren't that hard, get a hold of yourself.
66: The droprate on the leaf/sinew will remain the same, no matter how much you whine.
67: Don't pull stuff when the raid isn't ready.
68: Don't use hunters mark if another hunter has the main assist/marking job.
69: Use engineering for pvp.
70: Don't name your hunter Legolas.


More to come, and please correct me if I overlooked something.

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#4 - 2006/09/29 01:42:12 PM
Now memorize those 70 things and repeat them 10 times fast for emphasis :-D

Nice list btw :-)