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#0 - 2007/02/05 02:21:45 PM
WIth the new, numerous quests introduced in TBC it is fairly hard to keep track, which quests you have to do as a hunter (reward-wise). So let's try and get a list going, which quests are a must as a hunter!

I start with one from Nagrand, our beloved safari-guy from STV :)

The ultimate bloodsport, which rewards a solid 59.2 dps gun! To be able to get this quest you need to finish all the hunter "mastery" quests.

Let's get a comprehensive list going, it's hard enough to find a decent hunter item (yay shamans) from quests anyway!

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#19 - 2007/02/09 03:11:27 PM
Very informative thread! Blue tagging for justice :-)