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#0 - 2007/02/06 12:49:15 PM
Hey, I hope this can become a sticky where all hunter will be free to post their builds and discuss em ;)

So. feel free to post your build and comment it!

Mine is:

It's a PvP focused build, basically to deal the most possible damage. Silencing shot is so good, especially for shamans casting lesser healing wave, and soon for paladins ^^
For any healer basically.
Little of survival for those times when I can't avoid getting near, altough I keep forgetting to use deterrence lol
Also nice in PvE because of nice damage from MM.
I wait yours with impatience!

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#41 - 2007/02/06 03:40:55 PM
Blue-tagged. Will not sticky this thread just yet, but lets see how this goes.

If people will use this thread to post their builds instead of constantly creating new rate-my-build threads, then this thread will get stickied :-)