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#0 - 2007/02/22 01:01:22 PM
Simply insufficient…
in this forum we speack about how much is beautiful the pet and which name is better for him.
do you really like to play your hunter in pve? I believe not.
mage, lock(dest), rogue, warrDPS in a 10+ raid have 15/25 (%) more damage. many skilled hunter in my server have changed class, because an hunter in Karazhan(for example) is useless DD class.
please, hunters, if we love our class we must do something, our class dps must be improved in pve.
otherwise this class will be destined to disappear in pve, and I don't believe that blizzard wants this.
tnx for understanding and sorry for my eng, not enough time to make a better translation..
I hope that I will not be the only voice in this forum.

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#2 - 2007/02/22 01:04:47 PM
Is the DPS really that bad? I have seen and played with some Hunters that do very well on the damage meters (top 3).

Is the damage really where you would like to see improvements with the class?