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39s are up and active! UPDATE: Despite the recent bugged queues+final exam time+new 4.1 content, 39s have persevered. Post-maintenance on 5/10, the majority of queue bugs seem to have vanished, and we now get consistent 10v10 games each night.

Games pop EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK at 9pm est/6pm pacific.
***ALL battlegroups have been merged so it does not matter if you are from Ruin, Nightfall, Shadowburn, etc... you can get games.***

PLEASE USE Qlist, site given site below, to indicate when you are in queue. Qlist helps us be aware of numbers (when games should start/end), which side may need more players, as well as the class makeup of teams. Using Qlist will be *essential* if we want to get games going earlier. The best part is that you can use it even when you're not logged into WoW, so you can show others that you are ready to play and then AFK until the numbers get close to 10v10, when you can actually log into WoW.
***Note, after 2.5 hours the site will auto log you out, so please re-queue. If you stop playing, press the "LEAVE BATTLEGROUND QUEUE" button. Exiting the browser alone will NOT remove you from Qlist.***

-Please make an effort to fully gear/enchant your character before joining the bracket. Weakly geared players are frowned upon as they are a detriment to their team in such a highly competitive environment.
-Please do not use Aimed Shot.
-Please do not use Free Action Potion
-Please do not use Arcane Bomb.
Thank you for adhering to our simple rules. We enjoy fun, fair, and competitive play, and the above do not contribute to such an environment. We look forward to seeing you in games!

Faction Balance, Class Representation, and Vent:
-The numbers are fairly even right now regarding faction populations. Roll whichever faction you’d like.
-Please AVOID rolling a Rogue on Horde, a Mage on Alliance, or a Hunter or Priest or on either side. These classes have very high representation. Otherwise, roll whatever you think you would enjoy.
-There is a public vent and it would be great if you could use it. Ask for the info in game.

Active and recruiting guilds:
Realm - Aerie Peak
Guild Name - the beegeez
Contacts - Oocheechoo, Critz, Yoube, and Chickk
Rank - 21

Realm - Doomhamer
Guild Name - One and Done
Contacts - Parexian, Firdcub, Fanyun, Roguenine
Rank - 5

Realm - Gnomeregan
Guild Name - Gnomeregan Outriders
Contacts - Ohsoflurry, Grapefruit
Rank – 2

Realm - Uldaman
Guild Name - Out of the Storm
Contacts - Please leave a reply on this thread
Rank - 1

Grandfathered items
Unlike other brackets, 39s is NOT greatly affected by the grandfathered item issue. Good alternatives, including BOAs (not listed here) are easily accessible.
Mallet of Zul'Farrak grandfathered
Discipline Rod obtainable
Militia Hatchet obtainable
Dire Maul obtainable

Rainstrider Leggings grandfathered
Stoneweaver Leggings obtainable
Necromancer Leggings obtainable
Red Mageweave Pants obtainable
Leggings of the Thousand Needles obtainable (leather)

Helm of Exile grandfathered
Poisoner's Helm obtainable
Booty Bay Helm obtainable
Horned Viking Helmet obtainable
Helm of Awareness obtainable
Raging Berserker's Helm obtainable

Blood-Tinged Armor grandfathered
Energized Chestplate obtainable
Polished Jazeraint Armor obtainable
Icemail Jerkin obtainable
Scarlet Chestpiece obtainable

Do we still care about thread caps?

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