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#0 - 2007/03/03 02:43:21 AM

So, my lovley WS used to hit for 350 damage with this thing, and now when I logged in I noticed that he only did around 150-180. Tested it out on some diffrent mobs but still the same result.. then I checked the Forums and saw this post and I got so happy!

''A listing of hot fixes applied this week. Check back for updates!


The amount of bonus damage that the Hunter pet ability 'Lightning Breath' receives from the Hunter's +damage gear has been reduced''

WTF? Remove scaling pets once you're at it Blizz, ''good job'' once again on nerfing anything that's good instead of making other pets useful and not have to #@@!ty claw/gore. Bet the next thing to nerf is the amount of attack power pets gets from the hunter.


We are hunters, we should be the ''pet masters'', we should have the good pets, the ones that others would benefit off aswell *cough imp* All this thing with all pets should be equal is just bull#@@!, screw it Blizz, seriously.

If you are just going to screw out pets up again then why dont you nerf the Blood Pact from the imp? In raids/party you dont see another warlock pet then imps, what about the succubus/VW Blizz, they feel ''lonely'' aswell Blizz, why dont you do something about them?

And what happend to the ''add a new pet skill in every major patch?'' You said your would in a interview when you released wow, what happend with that? Why do you nerf the good pets instead of fixing the useless ones?

/pissed of Huntard.

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#175 - 2007/03/06 12:06:21 PM
Q u o t e:

also, almost 10 pages and no blue post. not even an announcement.

i feel we are the doormat class these days. walk right over us and wipe your shoes.

i think if this keeps up i will retire wolfmother until it is fun playing her again.

R.I.P. poor ole windbag my serpent
Q u o t e:
It was never intended that LB would warrant so much extra damage from +spell damage as it did. This is something we discovered and fixed, it was never going to be like this in the first place. There weren't any lesser pets, only one (1) pet that gained too much benefits.

People, please try to keep your tone of voice a bit more civilised.