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#0 - 2007/03/29 11:28:06 AM
In certain PvP situations, arena more specifically, the frost trap gives one team a bit too many advantages over another. If the hunter is specced for Entrapment and uses the frost trap, their entire team can just run over the trap while cc'ing all the melee on the opposing team. Hence, if your opponents bring more than 1 melee, the hunter team will have a huge advantage.

BoF works, but so does it on the hunter. You wont catch him then, and you'll get back to being Entrapped and kited after a while.

The Entrapment proc-rate needs to proc less often. 25% is too much. At least give the procs diminishing returns. Or give every class in the game Second Wind by default.

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#22 - 2007/03/29 01:36:02 PM
Q u o t e:
This is not a nerf thread. Im proposing a game-balancing change.

Then use the suggestions forum instead of annoying the Hunters on their own class forum!