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#0 - 2007/04/05 11:26:16 PM
I think hunter class MUST get some improvements cause like 90% of my played time is "wasted life time" I take like 1-2 hours to get a group and many of them dont go anywhere....

Whats a hunter? puller? no... dpser? no... (rogues can do better dps, can open chests and sap ,wow some players are really sleeping ... hunter can trap and trap again while in combat... rogues cant / mages can sheep and use instant pyroblasts that causes 5k dmg by other words IMBA DPSER's) tanker? no way xD healer? gogo heal pet...

i think hunter need to do more dps, other classes must get some "pulling nerf" and i think if hunter gets the viper aspect as a aura they will get a party much faster and then we all i'll be happy.

I've really thinked about change my class before this message so i hope blizzard to do something about the hunter class!


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#7 - 2007/04/06 10:17:14 AM
Easy on the CAPS, please.