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#0 - 2006/10/12 11:45:41 PM
A little analysis thread of what we're going to get, with some thoughts as to how to maximize performance in different situations.

Rogue trollers and level 1 alts; don't even bother posting.

Enjoy! /GT

  • Intro and ToC: Post 1

  • Beast mastery talents: Post 2

  • Marksmanship talents: Post 3

  • Survival talents: Post 4

  • Conclusions and questions: Post 5

  • Example talentbuilds: Post 6

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    #21 - 2006/10/13 09:12:58 AM
    Blue tagged for justice :-)

    I found this to be a quite long read, but also a very interesting analysis of the Burning Crusade hunter talents. I do not have much to comment on, but it sure will be interesting to play a Hunter in the expansion.

    I like many of the talent builds you posted btw :-)