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#0 - 2007/06/07 11:20:00 AM
This is not an attempt to troll the forum just a desperate try to get some light shedded on an very serious hunter problem!

What I like to call the "Merry go aorund the Pillars" !

I've been searching theese forums since the day the arenas was released and I realised that my class is currently unable to compete at a fair level in the 2 man arena due to line of sight.

The way hunters are currently working makes it (in my opinion, and many others) impossible to compete on a fair level in the 2 man arena! (due to players abusing the pillars because of hunters LOS issues/deadzone and low mele dps)
I can't even count the sheer amount of post I've read about this issue but I have yet to see any sort of feedback!
This is not intended as flaming, it's just a frustrated player in search of feedback for a problem that completely ruins a big aspect of wow for me.

I have changed server but played tons of 2 man games with different classes, at best going up and down around 2100 rating with a paladin.
And the fact is that we have a huge disadvantage in almost every matchup wich is proven byt the fact that a hunters are very very under represented at high ratings in the 2 man arena.

Players can totally negate hunter dps by running around a pillar the whole game and the pets just can't take a beating on the wrong side since they don't have the hp to substain that kind of damage.
This is more a proven fact then opinion since there are virtually no hunters high ranked in the 2 man arena compared too the number playing this class.

Are the developers aware of this problem?
And if so can we get an answer?

Do they think it is working as intended and does not require changeing???
Or is the problem that they have been unable to come up with a solution without unbalancing the hunter class/arenas in some other aspect of the game???
Do the developers/blizzard have an other opinion as to why the hunter comunity is so wastly under represented in 2 man arena after several months of play???

I fully understand that it is a complex matter to adress without unblancing something else about arena play but we still would very much appriciate some kind of feedback!!!

Please o mighty blue feedback authority figure answer! /Beg ;/

All hunters that agree with me on this matter would you please bump my post in order to get some blue attention and finally have some sort of feedback on this matter?

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#176 - 2007/06/14 04:33:04 PM
Addressing threads to Blizzard employees is not appreciated, and please don't fill a thread with only bump posts.