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#0 - 2007/04/06 02:00:28 AM
So now I'm 70 im looking for a supply of green or blue bullets

should I get the Halani bullets - which stupdily ii can only buy one stack of - real handy in an instance - running out on a boss - lol

or perhaps as an engineer I should make admantite/ fel iron shots which require mote of fire mote of earth and a bar or 2 cost 3g+ per stack never mind the hassle

No i know theres even cheaper bullets available ....all I have to do is prequest my ass off and raid Hyal, and then Ill be able to buy the epic ones from CoT for 2g a pop - AFTER IVE DONE EVERYTHING IN THE GAME...

I started out with the ideal of trying to create a character similar to the imba rifleman in warcraft 3, but as a hunter/engineer I cant help wondering if Ive annoyed Bliz in some way.

Perhaps there's a jewellcrafting mage who would like to lhao at me.....thats the solution ofc...mages get to conjure bullets better than anything engineers can make.... makes perfect sense.


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#6 - 2007/04/06 01:36:09 PM
"Bullets" would have been an appropriate topic. "B U L L E T S" is not.