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#0 - 2007/06/15 12:53:14 PM
my complaint is about why in my perspective innbattle aspect of cheetah/pack should be removed.

Well the aspect of cheetah/pack was probably intended for hunters and their party members to travel faster during questing and instances(which they wiped or have been saved in).
These aspects have though been abused to kite world bosses instance bosses and mobs to places they shouldent be, infact il show some videos of it later were you can see for yourself how powerfull this abuse is.

ive lvled my own hunter and tryed different speccs and kiting without the aspect of cheetah and its fully possible and not hard afterall a hunter has incredibly many kiting teqniques, i allso tested my paladin, warrior, shaman. vs hunters and their kiting ability with a friend showing that kiting if done successfully makes the hunter a target which cant be killed(these have all been tested and a movie will be shown later )

Concussive shot
Wing clip
Freezing trap
Frost trap
Improved concussive shot(stuns target)
Improved wingclip(target is unable to move)

with these abilities only a hunter can easily kite a target and kill it.
traps are innbattle so if a "random" class comes to close the hunter can set it down and freeze the target for as long as 15 seconds and many different improvements of skills that makes kiting even easier if you know how to play a hunter.

The Abuse of the Aspect of cheetah as been used by goldfarmers to farm instances like Mauradon beeing that this instance is large one has no problem kiting a target until dead if one has the aspect of pact/cheetah an example of this is the Goldfarmers who kite the princess theadrass lvl 51(elite) and loot her for easy gold, another example was during the AQ event i was hunting on my mage those days and i noticed a lvl 44 hunter kite a lvl ??elite to tanaris where it was slain and the hunter looted various epic items which he couldent even use.

"my suggestion"

Is making the aspect of cheetah unable to be used inbattle and as if one were dazed when one is mounting the spell would be removed from you and you would run normally, a fairly good suggestion which will make the hunter actually have to work for his living like all other Classes in azeroth, allso since bosses are immune to frost traps etc etc a hunter cannot kite a boss and therefore Goldfarmers off all shapez and sizes cannot earn as much gold as they do ruining their economy.

here are some videos of how one can do things that arent possible with normal classes and shouldent be able with a hunter, you judge for yourself if this inbattle aspect is overpowered or not allso featuring a movie of a twink kiting without the aspect which shows how little it mathers compared to all the Teqniques one have.

i could have spammed about 200 more videous of incredible kiting but i would rather see your constructive critisism on this mather:)

id like too see two kinds of posts "For and not for removing it and opinions about why" rude posts will be reported.

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#168 - 2007/06/15 08:50:29 PM
Less flaming please.