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#0 - 2007/02/22 12:55:43 PM
*this topic is an extension of my first one "full BM is best spec!"..Mostly of the chat still goes on there ^^*

-full spec!

-the BG madness

-kill command

-making someone evil (sorry gwyllen :p)

-gnome on a stick

-FAQ (part 1)

-valentine warning

-Rothak and Tigra (Valentine)

-to MM-hunters

-Nahiag portrait
first try(uh-oh)
second try...(much better)

-thankies i received

*thank you gwyllen*
*thank you palapiyer*
*thanks grasshopper*
*this is funny ^^*(by sachira)
*thank you darix*
*thank you zarqus :3*
*thank you kylling ^^ looks purrfect*
*thanks zeger!^^*

also thanks to Lenlaena and Rothak for motivating me to make a second topic..
for trying to get it sticky :p

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#25 - 2007/02/22 08:39:37 PM
Q u o t e:
Awww.. Very nice!
Awesome comics. Big thanks to you :)

Agreed. Nice comics <3

Will sticky this for a little while :-)