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#0 - 2007/05/06 11:24:10 PM
Hey all

Well I am trying quite hard to get one particular item from the battlegrounds which is the defilers mail pauldrons, because I like em.

No the thing is that I am not great at PvP never done much of it and to tell the truth have allways felt ti a bit daunting. I have done some but that was a long time ago and I feel really really out of preactice and even then I feel i was just fluffing through it rather than doing some great job.

Anyways to come to the point I am wondering if anyone can give me some helpful tips and hints on what techniques and things i should be doing in battlegrounds. I am Specced Marksman and not really wanting to respecc as I feel it suits my play there any hope for me?

Is there any tricks of the trade I should know?

Are certain shots better than others?

When should I use traps and what ones?

Is it better to allow you pet to be on aggresive or should it be on defensive?

So yes I would greatly appreciate some sound advice...besides I need to beat my boyfriends honor level!

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#12 - 2007/08/02 04:48:15 PM
If you can avoid the Wall of text crit, there is a mammoth guide to PvP on the Hunter wiki here:

It hasn't been updated for Burning Crusade yet, but has useful sections on AB tactics and other things that will still be very relevant.