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#0 - 2007/07/20 01:45:43 AM
I simply do not understand how you guys are still able to play PvP.
I would have smashed the keyboard to a milion pieces by now.
You simply suck.
If you dont think so... read on and face reality.

You cant dispel %@*# except for one trinket or maby stoneform if you were smart enough to roll a d0rf.
You are useless when you are slowed.
You are sitting ducks when you are deadzone exploited.
Your traps get dispelled in a second, while only your sting have a talent that make dispelling harder... it should be a trapping talent.
You got a crappy 18 second godmode of no stuns and CC while your pet can be killed in 8 seconds or less... thus losing all your damage.
Even your pet dodge more then you do... while he only benefit's from howmuch of your agility?

I truely enjoy all the Deadzone talk lately because it seems you have finally found 1 of your weaknesses. The other is melee range when snared or stunned.

I enjoy dotting you and just running away and fearing you if you get to close. because hey ;) i can damage AND heal and you cant :)

Did you notice how blizzard does not comment your deadzone problem, but just asks info and does nothing with it?
That is because blizzard doesnt give a flying @*!# about hunters.
Your only so-called hero hunter in top rating? didnt he get dequalified?

You do not deserve it.
You are a class that has the unique ability that is called HUMILIATION when it comes to PvP.

Are you hunters enjoying it? i am :)

I sit behind my screen laughing my ass off every single time when i bring you down like freshly born puppy's.
I even made me a nice little /spit macro to taunt and haunt you even more.
I has so far only seen 2 hunters who were able to kill me in PvP and the only reason was because of 2 personal healbots.
I enjoy killing a beastmaster pet first and just simply let the hunter be useless since he cant damage anymore.
I enjoy slowing / stunning a hunter because he simply will never get out of his melee range.

I enjoy it so much.

So much... that i am actually wondering... do you like being humiliated?
I think some of you actually do.
Because they actually dare to claim that they are good as they are.
It makes me smile everytime i see those posts.

/Greeting from a Anominous LVL 70 Mage + Rogue + Warrior who likes to keep their free HK's on Hunters.

Thank you Blizzard.
Dont ever buff them.
Their Community is so big, with hunters around we (the other classes) will stay top rated forever.

/sarcasm is bliss ;) think about it.

i am simply helping you see the truth. it hurts doesnt it? :) enjoying it?

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#60 - 2007/07/20 05:17:54 PM
Interesting that the OP has a level 70 Hunter, and has posted with that Hunter in this very thread...

So, either account sharing or trolling? ;)

In any case, feel free to bring up the PvP concerns in another thread (or use those already there). Closing this one.