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#0 - 2007/07/24 09:10:43 PM
Endurance training : 30% reduced spell dmg to pet.15% health pet. 7% hunter.5 resilience per level on the pet. REASON-all skilled player are able to kill pet and with the new mend pet 1-2k life on pet wotn change anything.
imp aspect of hawk:same ammount but make it scale with group and casters like have a chance to increase casting speed on the group for spells and speed for rogue/warr. Make hunter scale with other classes not scaling with himself.
Focused fire: 25% kill command all dmg by 2-3%
imp.aspect of dodge: 5/10/15 dodge and reduces all spelldmg taken by 5/10/15.make hunter have time to survive in the battle.Reduces all dmg done by 10%.Make them survive longer make hunter choose his hunting class to dps or kite make him choose when to attack and defence.
thick hide: same ammount or better contribution from items.
imp revive pet: make it 2 sec cast and 20% base mana.
imp cheetah: totally useless talent: ignore daze for first 3 seconds of ur cheetah ability and make it 55% increase on 2/2 like shaman/druid
imp bestail swiftness: useful talent much more needed like 70% pet speed or less so they ignore the area crowd control.
unleashed fury: 20% dmg to pets is just fine.
improved mend pet:100% dispell at first tick and increases healing by same ammount.
Ferocity: 10% crit. Target ignores resilience.
Spirit bond:2% heal hunter 3% heal pet. Mend pet bonds u with the hunter healing 10% of mend pet to u.
Intimidation:Fix intimidation so it can hit versus absorbing target now its totally bugged.make it 45 sec cooldown.
Bestial discipline: 60% focus regeneration on pets.
Animal handler: 10% mounted speed. 5% pet hit 2% hunter.
Frenzy: Frenzy is just fine.Make frenzy activates with bestial wrath.
Fercious inspiration: make it scale more. 2/4/6 seems fine for pvp but pve wont be imbalanced since pet is hard to control in pve and inaffective versus some bosses.
Catlike reflexes:15% pet dodge 4% hunter.
Serpent swiftness:20% is just fine but when i pvp i go 15g every day cuz every shot is 20% faster and my arrows go 20% faster and its alot make 500 per quiver same ammount of gold.
Here comes the stupidity of Bestial imbaness.Its not in the anything hunter be imunne to everything for so long time.Make this much more useful talent by simply making it 7-8-9 sec duration
THe 10 sec duration will fix every imba thing for like cannot fear or anything so weaker classes have chance w/e it does happen.However reduces cooldown to 1 min and 10% dmg 20% less mana cost and 30% less dmg taken by any means
make hunter have a chance to survive make the opposite targets think.The first thought of every player is BM hunter? lets kill him before they are full nuking target.The ammount of reduced damage might be much.

THe bestial tree must have more nobility and that will come with this bestial wrath which will be useful in 1 min cooldown and stops the hunter from being nuked all the time isntantly.

imp conclussive shot:35% chance to proc. unresistable when proc.make it be 2 sec duration time. reduces conclussive shot up to 1.5 sec sec cooldown so its get 9 with 4/5 gladiator.This hunter proc is too good when it proc and procs rare with its long C/D
make it balanced bigger proc but less cooldown and duration.its folloed from the diminishing returns.All CC must be reduced to their imbaness in arena.
Lethal shots: 5% crit is just fine.
Hunter mark: MAKE hunter scale with other classses MAke him scale with all.Hunters are nerfed in 3v3 and 5v5 for their deadzone but for no scaling
make this mark starts with 200 ranged/melee and increased by 11 to same ammount but for pvp willbe much more useful because u dont have time to shoot 25 times to activate
all shots.Make also SCALE with casters like increaseing 70 spell dmg and 5 every hunter shot.(numbers are gotten from jewews 9 dmg,16 ap its nearly same
but make them scale because 2x dps classes have no chance in high rated arenas.
Efficiency:14% sting and shot.Hunter is most oomable target. with 14% and the next aspect of viper it will be ok.
GO for throat: 50 focus is nice
imp.Arcane shot: 1 sec less cooldown. change arcane shot to elemental shot=150 fire 150 arcane 150 nature 150 shadow or something so it has benefits from priest/lock mages or something make it same ammount but with different statistics.
Rapid killing:rapid killing is just fine.
Aimed shot:aimed shot is the most nerfed shot in game for hunter at this moment. Aimed shot must be imbalance with high crits. it must be 40 cooldown and uninterruptable with 2 sec cast and 600 mana ( make it usable in pvp and not imbalnced for pve)so pve balance stays.
improved stings: made 5/5 stings the base of hunter 900 imp sting is just joke and if i think 900 for base is just fine and with 15sec viper sting even improved it goes instant dispelled by abolish poison even if it resist the first time its 2 sec to remove.
make wyvern sting undispellable except trinket.make improved sting have 100% undispell and 10% more from the improved sting that are now it will be 2.2k on viper and 1.1k on serpent.
they will be nurfed 10% of good resilience target anyway.Scorpid sting must lower resilience of target by % of his resilience.
Mortal shots:With this bugged resilience is hard to count but 35% all in all seems fine.
Conclussive barrage:make it close to afermath effect as warlock.
scatter shot:Make it pvp abusive make it less cooldown. make it be 0-12 range so its not used for CS.less effective make hunter be able to be skilled with lots of short cooldowns in pvp and escaping from melee.
damage of multi is fine crit must be 15 as it was.
ranged weapon specialization is fine.
Combat experience:make it like 1% more agi and 3% more int.
Master marksman is fine.
Make trueshot aura scale for all:make it has little armor penetration or resilience penetration for pvp.
silencing shot: 24 second cooldown make it isntant not arrow again arrow but be faster like spell and make it
has counterspell effect both for usable in pve and pvp because it doenst have any use in pve and in pvp its more like a nerf playing with a counterspeller because
u silence him when the mage needed to Counterspell him make it be like warlock 6 sec CS or little make the hunter has chance to use his deadly arcane/multi with the counterspell effect to quickly kill a target like divine shielding paladin/etc

Survival:Humanoid and dragon slaying are now 1 talent.
make range 7 yards more than all.2/4/7. hunter must have this prority
raptor strike and moongose is fine.
instead of drankonkin make talent which increases dmg by raptror strike by 25% of the weapon damage and increases dmg by moongose by 50%.
Entrapment is fine make it again 5 sec when has diminsihing return in pvp.
Parry chance is totally useless make them 5% parry and 5% spell reflect/resist/avoid or anything but not this useless talent.
Imp wing clip 25% as it was 2 years.
Clever traps and trap mastery -1 talent.
Survivalist :10%
Detterance: 3 min cooldown 15 sec duration
instead trap mastery: reduces arming time of traps by 2 sec on 2/2 (instant trap)
Improved feign death:make ability to 1:30 or 1 min cooldown its already imba in pve cuz of after first feign there is no chance u gonna rebuild more aggro
make it get imunne to target for 2 sec and dispells movement impairing effect(1 min or 1 min 30 sec cooldown base feign)
Survival instincts: same ammount.
killer instinct:same ammount
counteratack: make it 3 sec undispellable by any means. for pvp targets and 5 for pve.
Trap resourcefullness: 2-3 ideas. fire/imo/snake- 1 cooldown frost/freeze other cooldown
make 15sec cooldown on trap since imba trinket and ALL re CC-able effects
make less mana for traps and melee abilities must be in the first talents for dmg/crit.
traps must be 15 sec default cooldown as they were 2 years.
15% agility talent is fine.
Thrill of hunt is fine.
Make wyvern sting undispellable through imp stings except trinket make it 10 sec LIKE ALL CC abilites make it be diminishing return
make it gets better dot and make it 0.5 sec cast.
Expose weakness must be 10 sec and ammount was fixed and its ok now.
Master tactician:15% on every ranged shot to increase crtical strike rating ont he tarrget by X percent and spell dmg crtiical by X percent.
Readiness:it might be fine.

RAPID fire:make default ability increases melee speed by X percent too.
make eye of the beast increase pet dmg by 100% ( u cannot dps while u are in pet)(pvp usage)
Tranqualizing SHOT: dispells some buffs from game hard to decide make it 2 min cooldown make it has pvp usage
make it dispell somehting make it remove shaman buff or warrior freedom or something make it good with long cooldown and not afflicted by rediness.

Lower deadzone to 5-6.5 yards (decreasing it by 1.5) this will make pvp balanced trhough line of sight issues.
only extremely pro skilld players will be able to stand in the 1.5 deadzone which is extremely hard but
Hunter cannot do anything while imobbilized (traps are less range than deadzone is) melee is more than 5 and ranged is usually more than 8 which makes a pro player
weak cuz of not showing his skills because he cant.he cant cast anything to change his chances in winning.

Aspect of beast:80 ap and half viper sting(mix in 2 aspects)
Make a skill where hunter CAN lower the percentage of healing (aka mortal strike and wound poison) with a new sting
that decreases healing by % 25% or something just an idea

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#20 - 2007/07/26 02:37:31 PM
Q u o t e:
Good ideas, now we just have to hope an official reads this thread...

Well we did read it and I must say that I personally find many of these ideas quite interesting.

*scribbles stuff down in notepad*

I would just like to repeat what we have mentioned in other threads, that the developers are looking into the whole Hunters in Arenas situation because Hunters are somewhat under-represented in the Arenas. When that has been said however, I do not think that we should expect to see another complete Hunter class revamp... At least not before the next expansion that is. Changes and improvements are more likely to come in steps from now on, and with that in mind we should hopefully be receiving some more info relatively soon on what is being planned for Hunters to make them more viable in the Arenas at least.

We will keep you posted as information becomes available :-)

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#28 - 2007/07/26 04:48:53 PM
Q u o t e:

When can we expect to hear something?

I'm afraid that this is a very hard question for me to answer, so I'm gonna stick to the good old "As soon as we receive any new developer feedback on this topic"