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#0 - 2007/04/28 01:36:02 AM
A list containing concerns, questions and comments regarding the TBC Hunter. Its aim is to give constructive feedback, as well as hopefully get attention from the developers.
The previous versions were well received by the community, and were also acknowledged by the CMs, allowing them to easily gather constructive player feedback.

To help make this thread as successful, I'd like to ask the following:
Please do not turn this into a suggestion thread. While suggestions for improvements are nice, try to avoid inventing a plehtora of new skills, abilities, etc.
Please do not argue / flame / troll. I will report posts that are blatant attempts of this.
Please do not spam replies like: Bump, blue plz, reserved, etc.
Please post as constructively as possible.

If a Blizzard poster posts, I will edit my posts with the feedback given.

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#51 - 2007/04/30 04:34:52 PM
Just blue-tagging this :-)