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#0 - 2006/12/12 01:05:57 PM
Is it fun, and is it ok?
Maybe you havn't been the best class around for a long, but with 10 sec cc nerf and gimped soul-link, we can't do @%!* to you, neither can many other classes. It isn't about skill, since arcane shots crit around 1100 and multi for around 2k. This is instant damage, and hunters clean through the battlegrounds like there were no tomorrow. Sure, we can dot and send our uberpet on you, but what does it matter when your dmg output is the same on 3 targets as it is on 1 target for most other classes. Yes, I'm yelling nerf, I've never seen such imbaness before. Congratulations on immortality

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#136 - 2007/09/21 10:22:40 AM
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Thread Necromancy is EVIL

This is true!