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#0 - 2007/10/25 09:32:37 AM
Seriously, I have looked at the threads, and severl hunters have stated it themselves.

1 yard range on ranged is just overdoing it. You did it with warlocks, and lots of warlocks acknowledge they are overpowered.

Do not make the same mistake again, Blizzard.

Disclaimer: I do want hunters to improve. I know they are having a hard time in arenas, and this should change. I just don't like imbalanced classes, and here it seems blizzard is overdoing it again.

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#30 - 2007/10/26 12:27:46 PM
Q u o t e:
Wait until it´s been tested. Don´t cry too early, please.

Not exactly the choice of words I would have used, but this is essentially the essence of the message I would have written. PTR != Live.