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#0 - 2007/11/30 09:40:17 PM
Beating a hunter in PvP was hard enough before patch 2.3 for a mage but now its impossible because hunter dispels my shield with arcane shot they have this damn long attack range and the dead zone..... gone. WTF happened? Are there supposed to be balacne in the classes? Please just nerf hunter back to patch 2.2 to so my little chance comming back again.

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#114 - 2007/12/03 02:57:03 PM
Q u o t e:
I thought this thread was about hunting the dreaded Nerf beast, oh how disappointed I am to read it is just another whine post.

I was hoping it was someone attempting to use a nerf gun to bring down King Mosh. (omg old school)

Ah well.