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#0 - 2007/05/15 06:16:31 PM
after seing many posts from hunters saying they are #1 in kara damage meters, i tried to see the reason i cant be #1 as they can and heres the aswers i got:

1 - your dps team is made of only hunters, ret palas and all the wow crapy dps wanna be classes (exceptions to all utility ones like shadow priests)
2 - your guilds rogues, locks and mages just suck and should rerroll or even better quit wow
3 - your missreading the meters and start counting the positions from the bottom
4 - your e-pees are just too small and your afraid people will find out, so you lie

in conclusion a good hunter can never be on top of a good rogue, mage and lock, thats how wow is made.

flame away all you want, all opinions are welcome

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#267 - 2008/02/14 03:55:37 PM
Closing this. If you wish to discuss the original topic, please just start a new thread instead of bumping such an old one. ;-)