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#0 - 2007/08/07 04:54:32 PM

We would like to conduct a small survey on your opinions regarding talents. We are interested in finding out if there was 1 particular talent that led you to speccing the way you did. To that end, we would like to ask that players post in this thread following this template:

- Build: XX/XX/XX (Focus: PvE / PvP)

- What, in your opinion, is the key talent to your build and why?

- What talent, in your build, would you replace if you could and with what?

Please confine answers to less than 100 words, we’re not looking for essays
If you wish to discuss issues raised in this thread we have setup a discussion thread here:

  • Any posts not fitting this format will be deleted. Use the discussion thread if you wish to debate someone’s choices.

  • Any posts made from other classes will be deleted, so please make sure to post with your main.

  • Any trolling, nerf calling, or general unconstructive posting in this thread will lead to a suspension.

We would like to remind you that this is meant as an informative survey; it does not necessarily imply any future modification of talents.

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#1 - 2007/08/07 05:11:55 PM
Current Build 41/20/0 - link to armory is here -

Main Focus - PvE.

Key talent for BM - Bestial Wrath / TBW. Why - Great status protection and fast, repeatable buff for trash-packs (usable usually at least 1x / trash-pack) and obviously for bosses.

What talent to be replaced - Aimed Shot. It's not usable and only taken because it's the pre-req for Mortal Shots. Replace it with dang near anything - Scatter Shot would be nice for the additional CC, but really "any" talent that actually gets used would be great.

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#346 - 2007/12/06 06:40:48 PM
The information you have posted in this thread have been of great value and we would like to thank you all for the great feedback you have posted.

A lot of changes have taken place since we created this thread, so as a continuation; we’re creating a new thread with the purpose of gathering additional information and feedback.