Regional FlagAPI Bug: UpdateMapHighlight returns no dataSource
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#1 - 2011/05/11 06:37:00 PM
The following API issue has, as far as I can tell, been introduced in 4.0:

The UpdateMapHighlight method does not return any data for the following map highlights on the Continent maps:

- Darnassus
- Orgrimmar
- Ruins of Gilneas
- Stormwind City
- Dalaran
- Deepholm
- Kezan
- The Lost Isles
- The Maelstrom

For all other map highlights, UpdateMapHighlight works OK.

Thanks for looking into this, would really help solving some issues in an add-on library :-)

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#3 - 2011/05/14 10:26:00 AM
@ Wryxian: Can you enter this one for investigation as well?

Thanx :-)
Yep! A bug's been submitted for it. We'll take a look and see.