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#0 - 2008/01/29 08:52:35 PM
Ok, this is based upon the experience of me and my hunter friend ( who is also a draenei hunter, and we are both at the same level, almost the same XP too - 3 XP difference). Also, we have not done a single quest since level 18, except for instance based ones.

We're not sure if this is regularly done, becuase this is a first for us playing the hunter class religiously after having 70's in the Shaman/Warlock/Druid/ Rogue classes (rogue was actually 66 - but hey). But we haven't actually heard of or found out anthing similar to our experience.

Now to the point which this topic is about - up to our level (38 - not 32 as the forums say), we have been 2 manning all instance we have come across for our own level range - no healers involved. Only ONCE have we involved a healer but that was becuase we let her join for fun, and wanted to show off what we were doing :P

Our instance record consists of (so far) Deadmines from level 18-21, Shadowfang Keep from 21-24, Blackfathom Deeps from 24-26, Razorfen Kraul from 26-29, Scarlet Monastery (Graveyard from 29-31, Libary from 31-34, Armory from 34-37 and Cathedral from 37-38) and right now while im typing this, we are working on Razorfen Downs at level 38. This involves completion of every boss in the instance, not a few, not skipping some to get to the last boss -every- boss. And by our thoughts and predictions this would also be possible to achieve at level 70 instances on non-heroic difficulty settings.

Anyways, the requirements for this are as follows, (in our eyes, and in order of importance):

1 - Both Hunters MUST be the Draenei race.

2 - Being able to talk instantly over Team Speak/ Ventrilo/ or Skype, if not face to face.

3 - Having at least a vague idea of how to the a hunter - think wisely (If faced with more mobs than intended don't run around like a headless chicken - stay calm), be prepared for having to deal with multiple adds, be prepared to deal with adds that aren't wanted, when you get Freezing trap give it a great big hug and use that ALL the time. Basically, Freezing trap is your lifeline.

4 - Both Hunters MUST have a turtle as their pet. (we named ours MainTank and OffTank - Obviously :P)

5 - Talents - Aim to get to Scattershot in the Marksmanship tree as soon as possible for both Hunters. At level 38 whoever is using their pet as the Main tank (Deciding this early on will make teamwork a lot easier in the future) must have 8 points in the Beastmastery tree ( 5 in Endurance Training, and 3 in Thick Hide - The earliest level to get scattershot AND both those talents is 38. We have provided links to the talent trees showing what we have got so far).
Main tank spec -
Off tank/DPS spec -

6 - Gear - Up until around level 35, give or take a few levels, we found it was more than adequate to settle for "of the monkey" gear or just + agility items. From level 35 onwards intellect becomes an important part of a hunter. So any "of the falcon" gear mixed in with "of the monkey" or "of the eagle" is a definite bonus. It is advisable for the Hunter controlling the main tank pet to have a good amount of stamina and intellect. Agility is welcome, but not a heavy requirement. For the Off tank/DPS Hunter, stamina is not needed so much but intellect is still an integral part of the setup. As you go along completing the instances you should be able to gear your self out fairly well, any items required from the AH can easily be attained with the money you make from instances.

7 - Professions - In all honesty, it does not matter that much about your main professions, but LW can be handy for the good gear as long as you keep your LW skill at an equal pace to your level ( so you can craft items for your level range). But First Aid is absolutely vital, this can save your life on a regular basis.

Reasoning for the requirements:

1 - Both Hunters MUST be Draenei because of the racial heal. When combined with mend pet, and due to the fact that this heal can be stacked ( so both hunters can cast it on either the pets or themselves), these heals combined will often out heal the damage of any mob and even a boss. Bear in mind that Draenei are the only Race which have an extra heal, and therefore, we believe they are the only race capable of doing what we are suggesting.

2 - Simply said, co-ordination and teamwork are so vital that without it you are almost guaranteed to fail. Having no co-ordination and teamwork is like having a Warlock without Fear - it simply does not work! Also, when things are going down the !!%*hole, its nice to have someone at your side who you can punch in frustration. Or verbally abuse down the microphone. Stress reliever FTW.

3 - This is helpful because trap spamming is needed all the way through the levels, as soon as you get it. But as long as you have a basic grasp of a hunter, you can succeed. As with all classes you get more skilled with them the more you play them. Doing instances two-man when pitted against tough mobs will really help you understand your class better.

4 - It is a must that both Hunters have a turtle as their pet, the simple reason for this is their naturally high armor and HP and the special ability "Shell Shield" (decreases all damage taken by 50% for 12 seconds, but increases the time between your pets attacks by 43%, 3 minute cooldown). If at any time you find your pet at 10-20% HP and being hit on by several mobs, when combined with Mend Pet and 2x Gift of the Naaru, this combination can bring them back up to 100% HP and prevent a wipe.

5 - Scatter Shot is a requirement because when a trap fails, 2x Scatter shots one after the other can keep the mob busy for an extra 8 seconds, allowing time for the CD of a Freezing trap, or simply keeping the mob busy while you bandage and/or set your pet on the mob. The Points in Beastmastery tree for the hunter with the main tank are fairly self-explanatory, because they increase your pets armor and health.

6 - Your stamina affects your pets health - for every 3.3 stamina you have, you pet gains 1 stamina (these are our calculations, bear in mind we could be wrong). So the higher the health of the Hunter controlling the main tank, the higher the main tanks HP. The reasoning behind choosing intellect over agility at level 35 odd is that your regularly used spells mana cost has greatly increased by this level, and unless you have a very large agility we have found that you do not lose out on that much - perhaps a few crit % but based on our characters, we went down from 14% crit chance to 11% and gained around 900 mana - perfect for regularly trapping and constant mending of pets, along with casting the usual spells.

7 - On the issue of Professions, as mentioned before, the items crafted from LW are good for hunters who are looking for a lot of agility, so perfect for some parts of your gear. First Aid, on the other hand, is almost as vital as being a Draenei. Many a time have bandages come in handy for healing each other or pets when low on mana and when mobs are kept crowd controlled by dual scatter shots, or Freezing traps.

Depending on how this topic is recieved by the Hunter forums we may make a video detailing and visually showing how to complete instances your own level with two Draenei hunters.

On a final note, a piece of important information we think is needed is that when placing traps, make sure that 1 is behind the other at a fair distance so that the mobs do not trigger both at once.

If you have any questions or queries about how we did any of the instances or bosses, either leave a comment on this topic or mail/whisper either me ( Suppressor ) or my team mate (Restrainer).

Our armory links (so you can see we are not twinked out in any way) are:

Suppressor -
Restrainer -

We are based on Hellfire realm.


Suppressor and Restrainer

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#35 - 2008/02/13 09:04:57 AM
Interesting read and it sounds like great fun. Going to be interesting seeing how this one continues. :-)