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#0 - 2006/08/25 04:17:09 AM
I had to do it.
In my personal opinion, there is little that can be done to improve the uberocity >.< of the druids.
In Burning Crusade, I do hope however that we get the following improvements:

Improved Barkskin - Barkskin is a bit rubbish :D (Plus being able to use it on others would be nice)
Improved Moonkin Dance - Boosts the buff from Moonkin Aura ^^
Uber Talent!!!: Summon Ent - It would make every other class whine, so you know its good.

Flee - Works similar to vanish
Feline Sense - Improved Stealth detection
Track Beast - to compliment track humanoid
Improved pounce - Basically Blizzard, Pounce is %#*#.
Bear fear - Bears need to be able to fear... (imo)
Uber Talent!!!!: Bestial Fury - Increasing damage, attack speed etc, at the expense of some health/rage/energy/something

Envigoration - maybe procs off the back of a healing crit, doing a small periodic stamina/strength etc buff
Cure Disease - No idea why druids dont have this...
Life Line - Channels a healing spell on a single person

STORMCROW FORM!!!! - Flying around, I dont care how fast, would make us the greatest most bestest most imba none imba class that there is... Please Blizzard... Please...?


Those are my suggestions. Of course, everyone else is welcome to fantacise (Spelling?) along with me ^^

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#47 - 2006/08/31 02:57:53 PM
Just blue taggin the thread :-)

Many good thoughts, ideas and concerns has been voiced in this thread, and it was a very interesting read indeed.

Keep posting guys :-)