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#1 - 2011/05/10 10:06:00 PM
Fellow WoW veterans,

I often run into people who claim to have been "playing since Vanilla" when they obviously haven't. I have no idea why they do this. Let us take a moment to share stories of fake Vanilla players and prove to the world that we're friggin' legit.

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To quote a faker from the other day: "Alliance used to win battlegrounds all the time in Vanilla. Of course, back then the Horde didn't have Paladins, so Alliance players were faster [referring to Crusader Aura, which was implemented with Burning Crusade]."

inb4 "I've been playing since Beta."

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#453 - 2011/05/11 10:48:00 AM
05/11/2011 10:45 AMPosted by Ishtarra
PVP was Tarren Mill. Period!

PvP was Southshore!