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#1 - 2011/05/10 09:43:00 AM
Any threads that is negative about Blizz and WOW is being deleted I notice. Guess they are desperate since they are lost 5% subscriber since Cata was released. Pretty sure this will be deleted here pretty soon also...

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#46 - 2011/05/10 10:47:00 AM
Blizz deleting threads??? Typical...

There are a number of reasons why a thread might be deleted, the least of which is "oh jebus, he/she said 'X', kill it with fire!"

Those reasons include (but aren't limited to):

  • The thread contains inappropriate or profane language, both in the OP and in following replies. This is pretty huge. If you use profanity, vulgarities, and/or defamatory language in your posts, it's extremely likely that they (and their parent thread) will be removed even if the words themselves are blocked by the profanity filter.

  • The thread discusses previous moderation. If you have a concern about how threads are moderated, that's okay -- but the best way to bring those concerns to our attention is by emailing, not by creating another thread.

  • The thread is about a topic that's already being discussed in several other places, and it's not constructive. (Keep in mind that constructive conversations can still be critical of Blizzard, but need to remain civil and respectful. They should also provide some sort of contextual feedback. Simply saying "Warriors are OP. Nerf them" isn't really constructive because it doesn't actually tell us anything meaningful. Let us know why you feel the way you do.)

Just guessing, the first and third points are likely why the threads you're referring to were removed. We're not out to stifle conversation blindly, but we will moderate posts and threads that violate the Code of Conduct:

Hope this helps. :)