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#0 - 2010/03/11 06:56:38 AM
METERZ METERZ METERZ the bane , the legacy , the foul soap box cry of page upon page of heated discussion on the healing forums.

There are pages of posts for & against meters. Just about every class balancing sub-topic stems from this as well.

This post is not to argue for or against schemantics.

This post is about a sweeping resolve to remove the issue altogether. An Evolution.

Remove / Mask all healing related events from the combat log.

Let healers finally just enjoy the game without the pressure some perceive to top the healing meters.
Let the healers get back to roots & enjoy being part of a healing team working together to effectively get your raid team through to cross the line.
Put an end to , & bury the continual slide-rule schemantics of something that should not matter to a healing class anyway.

With the complete re-work of class mechanics for Cata this would be an oppurtune time to impliment this. With mana management meaning something again the 'Meterz' wars will just develop into who can cast the most mana efficient spell the fastest, leading to an entire X-Pac of Cata tweaking & rebalancing. Tweak & re-balance all you wish Mr Crawler , but please consider doing it out of the 'public combat log eye'.

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#6 - 2010/03/11 07:12:43 PM
Mods would be able to get around it. As long as players can see how much they healed for, they'll be able to record total healing done. Ultimately, it's just information and the problem is not in the information itself as in how players interpret that information.

I think the real answer is just to keep telling players they are being short-sighted when they try and equate total healing done with best healer. Now, I will point out that when mana is more of a concern that the meters will better reflect healing done over the course of the fight and not how quickly I can spam my largest heal.