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#1 - 2011/05/03 08:21:00 AM
Hi Blizzard & and fellow wow players.

I've searched for a place to report bugs, but apparently only the US forum have one, so this will have to go for now. - sorry for the lousy English - If I failposted this - I hope this report goes to the right place if I have made a boo boo by posting it here.

The last few nights I've been experiencing some trouble with my Mana, and I couldn't figure out what happend, until I noticed a connection between me casting Power Word: Shield (ID:17) and having my "Mandala of Stirring Patterns" proc.

The Result is an Animation that the Trinket procs, and a loss of ~30% of my mana, (that's one expensive spell) I'm Disc Spec'ed (se spec in profile to the left) so at a mana pool around 110.000 losing that much mana on the pull is rather devastating.

It also does this doing combat, which is even worse.

This is not just a "once" -experience, and I can replicate it all the time so I made a "Proof of bug" on a YouTube Vid which hopefully shows the problem.
(Sorry for the chunkiness of the video, I think I time stretched it a bit on a move, and I forgot to restore it)

You'll see on the "proc" screen that mana drops to around 65% (From around 92% mana)
Normally when I cast Shield it drops only around ~5% of mana, which makes me drop from 95% to 91% mana

I hope this is enough documentation to get it shown, if a GM want's to have a demonstration I can show him ingame, I should be able to replicate it right away. (It could be something else than the trinket that procs it could be something else which I'm unaware of, but I just see the Trinket Animation when this happens)

Best Regard

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#6 - 2011/05/03 09:15:00 AM
Thanks for your post! We do accept bug reports and deliver them to those who need to see them. However, we ask that you either report them via in-game tickets or through the stickied Bug Report thread in the Customer Support forum -- a link to the current thread is below. Thanks!