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#0 - 2010/03/18 11:07:10 PM
GC said:

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Put succinctly, imagine all 4 tanks tank groups about as well as a warrior tanked groups in Naxx, but that the mobs hit harder and AE damage was a little lower such that you wanted to CC and single target more of the pulls (but not every pull -- there is still a place for Blizzarding them all down). That's the goal.

I tanked in Naxx (v2) when it came out, but did it on an unholy DK with the old-style unholy blight AoE self-buff, so it was very easy to hold threat.

For those of us who didn't play tanks in naxx (v2), can you elaborate on what you liked about their tanking in naxx? I know you mentioned you like the abilities that warriors use when AOE tanking:

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-- You hit more than one button.
-- You hit different buttons than you do when handling single targets.
-- You have to pay attention to crowd controlled targets.
-- You don't totally ignore your single-target abilities.
-- You might switch targets on some pulls.

But what was it about Naxx that was especially good? Enough threat to be able to hold a bunch of mobs against an equally geared mage using an AoE, but having to work for it?

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#14 - 2010/03/19 02:16:38 AM
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At that point, Warrior AOE threat scaling did not create a situation where AOE tanking was outpaced by DPS. In ICC, warrior AOE threat is not scaling as quickly as DPS is and warrior AOE tanking suffers for it.

It's basically a scaling issue. Warriors never did as much AOE threat as paladins or druids or DKs back then, but they did ENOUGH to hold mobs against the DPS then. That is no longer the case in ICC gear (tanks AND DPS).

That was my point comparing Naxx to ICC. And again, not talking about the "AE every pull down no matter what" aspect of it.

AE threat should be relatively easy but not completely trivial.