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#0 - 2010/03/16 09:06:14 PM
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From GC...

The actual problem, in our minds, is threat scaling. Warriors (and all tanks) could AE tank just fine in Naxxramas.* It only became a problem over time when the dps of the dps classes grew so much more quickly than the tanks, largely because the dps classes have so many dps stats on their gear while plate tanks have Strength. Tank damage was pretty close to 50% of dps damage in the first tier of content, which was our goal, but has slipped to 25 to 30% of dps (your mileage may vary) in Icecrown.

So why not buff the other tanks?

I'm also a little fuzzy on the concept of
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And yes Paladin tank AE damage and threat generation is still too high

Ok so now Paly DPS is exceeding the 50% DPS mark, which was the goal? I don't see it, but if it is then ok...

However, who cares about threat generation being too high? Threat is like the hit cap. Once you have enough threat, the rest is wasted. You either hold the mob or boss in question or you don't.

As long as every tank can hold aggro, who cares if one tank's threat is higher than the other?

And... to reiterate for the umteenth time...

Palys have no choice but to hold AoE threat. It's not like we get an extra button to push that makes us hold AoE better.

The standard procedure is...

Pull with Avenger's Shield. Judgment on the way in. Hammer of the Righteous upon arrival. Consecration or Holy Shield comes next depending on if extra mitigation is required. Shield of Righteousness comes next. Then Consecration or Holy Shield (which ever is available) gets you back to Hammer of the Righteous.

This is what's known as the 96969 rotation. Paladins use it on every single pull. There is no variation between multi and single target pulls at all.

The underlined abilities are the ones that hit multiple targets. Of the 5 core abilities that make up our rotation 2 do not hit multiple targets. Throw our seals into the mix, and we have 5 abilities that hit multiple targets. Then in ICC we get Holy Wrath which is yet another ability that hits multiple targets. We didn't have it in Ulduar, it was occasionally useful in ToC, but it's huge in ICC.

Paladins must be nerfed, how about getting us some tools that don't hit multiple targets.

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#40 - 2010/03/17 05:46:21 AM
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The "why nerf us when you can buff them" argument is fine and dandy if the issue is only balancing each class against each other but falls apart when balancing classes against content.

The goal in this case is not to make all Tanks equal in AoE Threat but to make AoE Threat something that needs to be considered when tackling the content rather than just a given. Blizzard are basically saying they don't want us to have enough Threat to guarantee mobs stick no matter what, but that they want us to sometimes consider other approches to trash pulls and adds once we account for Threat as a possibly limiting factor.

It's us verses the content at issue here not us verses each other.

Edit: I want to make clear I'm not saying multitarget Threat should be the limiting factor or a DPS bottleneck or that every pull should require copious amounts of planning but just that Threat should be something you have to think about a little.

Good post.