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#1 - 2011/05/02 05:07:00 PM
I've just cancelled my subscription after the amount of times being in a random instance or battle ground and being sworn at or called offensive names, or witnessing other people resort to such behaviour towards others.

Having tracked a few players who I've reported (some of them being in previous guilds) I find that blatant acts against the terms and conditions are ignored. Whether blizzard don't have the man power to hand out bans, or simply don't care, I'd like to see something to reassure me that my reports aren't being ignored.

In my experience, the amount of players getting rude and offensive is dramatically increasing.

Therefore, I've quit due to the build up of bad customer service, and would like to know if anything will be done.

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#25 - 2011/05/02 08:55:00 PM
Greetings Saynt,

I’ll start by saying that I’m afraid we’ll never be able to release the ‘ban statistics’ I believe you’re seeking, and this is for a number of reasons.

Firstly, we have an obligation to maintain the privacy of each and every one of our account holders and customers – this means that we won’t divulge information pertaining to your account (and actions taken on it, or reports made from it) to other players for any reason.

Secondly, I’m not too sure such statistics (if they were collected) would necessary mean that much when viewed as a string of numbers. Would knowing that a specific number of players were suspended for X hours be of much benefit without knowing how many reports were received? And furthermore, if you knew how many reports had been made, how many of these reports would have been made regarding situations that actually warranted action?

In general terms however, and leaving numbers aside, every single harassment report we receive that concerns a situation where our in-game policies were violated is actioned accordingly.

Now it may be possible that your definition and our definition of ‘harassment’ or ‘inappropriate language’ differs somewhat, but that’s why we make our in-game policies (and indeed all our major policies) visible to players on our website;

In-Game Harassment Policy

These are the policies that we, as customer support, adhere to (although our internal guidelines are fleshed out a little more in order to further avoid any variation based on the personal sensibilities of the support agents dealing with these cases on a daily basis).

We do not, however, believe in permanently excluding a player from the game based on a single minor offense or policy violation – everyone has the potential to get angry sometimes, or lose their temper in a bad situation, and we believe we scale the severity of account action appropriately based on the seriousness of what has been said, and the potential for offense to the affected player-base at the time, as well as any history of previous infractions on the account.

I’m afraid there’s perhaps little more for me to say on this matter, but I would encourage you (in the gametime you have remaining) to please continue to report to us any offensive, abusive or inappropriate language you may come across – being in a situation where we’re regrettably unable to maintain active monitoring of in-game chat channels, you the players are our eyes and ears and we greatly value your contribution in keeping the game environment as friendly and free from unnecessary profanity as possible. :)