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#1 - 2011/05/02 04:45:00 AM
Heya. In the past 3 days i made 2 tickets (on 2 different chars, about 2 different subjects), but since the moment i made them to right now, the Approximate Wait Time has not gone down by a minute; the first is stuck at 3 days+, the second at 4 days and 4 hours, it has been like this since yesterday.

About the second one i want to ask you guys aswell; i've been lvling my Warlock in WPL, where at one point you need to kill 3 Deathguard War-Captain and 15 Andorhal Deathguard; but all i can see are the War-Captains; the Deathguards are bugged and in a different phase. If i stand on the bridge southeast of Andorhal i can see a Deathguard and pull it back to me with my pet, but if i move closer he vanishes and a War-Captain pops up.

I've tried deleting the Cache, Interface and WTF folders but it doesn't help.

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#12 - 2011/05/02 07:14:00 PM
Hello there Chayra,

I can see youve now received a response to both your in-game help petitions, but apologies for the longer response time than normal we do have members of the in-game team working 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, but were normally always regrettably rather busy following on from a major content patch launch (and our ticket response time tends to be affected accordingly).

With regards to the in-game display, please bear in mind that this is calculated based on the oldest ticket in any of the EU queues at the time, so it may offer a somewhat inflated value. Youll usually find that your ticket should be answered well within the time shown, so perhaps think of it as an absolute maximum instead.