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#1 - 2011/04/28 09:37:00 PM
Hello, recently I was sitting in Ungoro waiting for someone to come back from AFK and decided to turn my music up abit. I usually dont have my music on because of raids and always on the listen for that stealthing sound. However this time I did and wow I was blown away. I was really impressed and just kinda zoned out looking up at the rain falling with the music playing. It sounded celtic or something along those lines. Anyway I was wondering if their was a place I could look to find the music that plays in the Zones of wow. I know theirs wow soundtracks out there but I didn't hear it when I previewed it. Anyway much thanks! Oh and a shoutout to the Wow music department! You guys are amazing!

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#10 - 2011/04/29 12:06:00 AM
04/28/2011 02:57 PMPosted by Ånima
Iam ashamed I never listened to the music much before Cataclysm, I wish I had since Iam a long time player but I was to focus'd on the game and not the well, game if that makes any sense. But from what ive heard so far in the zones its amazing Iam really enjoying listening to it now!

While there was a substantial amount of new music added to the game with Cataclysm, and that music is used in zones in Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms, I can assure you that the previous music used in those zones was not removed from the game.

So you may be late to the joy of the in-game music, but you've not missed anything!