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#1 - 2011/04/26 10:25:00 PM
This was an obvious bug on the PTR from the moment it was released.

I thought that, surely, this would be fixed, or at worst someone would explain why this was changed.

Blizzard has neither said why this was changed, nor have they fixed it, so now I ask, why was it changed? Is it going to be fixed? Am I going to have to wait several months for Blizzard to decide this is 'important' enough for them to spend two minutes to fix it?

You may think that I have an aggressive tone about this, and you would be correct. I am pretty frustrated that nothing was mentioned about this, that this obvious bug was ignored and remained ignored. Being able to /roar is an important part of my playing a worgen, and yes, I am upset it was removed, especially in this way.

This is almost as bad as when worgen were making the /chicken sound when they laughed, and Blizzard spent well over a month to decide to fix it. I've just about lost patience for this kind of thing.

So let's cut to the chase: Is this going to be fixed? Is this intentional? I'd like some answers please, I've been waiting for them for months but I figured it was a known bug that would be fixed by the time the PTR was out. It sure hasn't turned out that way.

PS: It does feel like a bug, since changing stances for warriors and such still makes roar sounds, but the emotes do not.

PPS: This effects male and female worgen and goblins. No other emotes or races seem to be effected.

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#62 - 2011/04/28 06:21:00 PM
You don't like it when we take stuff away from you!? ;P

So the actual issue was that there was a bug where emote /attacktarget for goblin and worgen played the sounds associated with both /roar and /attack at the same time, which sounded broken. Since no other race but goblin and worgen have roar sounds, the fix for the bug was to make them behave the same as all other races by removing the sounds.

I know, I know, but it's done. OR IS IT!?

Obviously people miss their roar sounds. What we're going to do is hook the goblin/worgen roar sounds back up in a 'future patch' (it's not hotfixable), hurray, and then attempt to record /roar sounds for all the other races to add to the game in a patch after that.

Goblin/worgen, unfortunately lose their roars for a short while, but in the end everyone wins! Or at least roars.