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#1 - 2011/04/27 04:20:00 AM
Update 11:50 AM PDT: These values have been amended slightly. Players will now receive 180 Conquest Points for winning an Arena match and 400 points for winning a Rated Battleground.


In patch 4.1 the amount of Conquest earned for both Arenas and Rated Battlegrounds has been changed to a flat amount regardless of team rating, to 135 and 335 respectively. This change should of course have been in the patch 4.1 notes, but due to a fairly straight forward error, was not included.

The current reward now in 4.1 for winning an Arena match is 135 Conquest Points, and for Rated Battlegrounds it's 335 Conquest Points. We're currently evaluating these amounts as we believe they are potentially lower than they need to be, and we'll of course let you know if they need to be changed.