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#1 - 2011/04/20 05:49:00 PM
I keep completely missing my chance to ask questions and vote on questions. I did not even see that new guild topic existed before it was locked; This also happened with the last 2 topics. The first few topics I was lucky enough to get a chance to participate. As of the time I write this questions were still being posted 30 min ago.

It seems like there is some kind of technical problem maybe? Was there a home page update at all this time saying the new topic was opened? The homepage update usualy shows up on the launcher page for me.

I noticed that launcher does not always update and shows me old data. Maybe that is the issue.

I feel left out and I am sure others do too. I expect to log in at night after a day of work and see that the questions are up. Then I expect a full additional business day to get on and at least get to vote up some questions even if I completely missed my shot at asking a question. I need more time. Something like announcement day 1. Then after 24 hours stop allowing more posts. Then allow an additional 24 hours for votes please?

I guess the summary here is that; I am looking to at least get to more time vote on the questions.

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#3 - 2011/04/20 05:57:00 PM
When you click on the big "Forums" button at the top of every page in this website, you should see three highlighted "Latest Blizzard Posts" across the top.

It's an easy way to keep up with the more important / useful threads.