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#0 - 2007/04/13 02:41:23 AM
We wanted to give players a closer glimpse at the changes being made regarding flask reagent costs and potency in patch 2.1. Please see the example below:

Flask of Mighty Restoration - Current
Regenerate 70 mana per 5 sec for two hours.

Dreaming Glory x20
Mana Thistle x10
Fel Lotus x1

Flask of Might Restoration - Patch 2.1
Regenerate 25 mana per 5 sec for two hours.

Dreaming Glory x7
Mana Thistle x3
Fel Lotus x1

(Please Note: The drop rate for Fel Lotus is also being increased by approximately 15% in the same patch)

Players will notice that while the effect of the flask has been dramatically reduced, so has the cost to create one. All alchemy flasks will be adjusted similarly. Lets look at an elixir with the same effect for comparison:

Elixir of Major Mageblood
Regenerate 16 mana per 5 sec for 60 min.

Ancient Lichen x1
Netherbloom x1

While the flask still requires more materials than this elixir, it also allows 9 more mana to regenerate per 5 seconds, lasts twice as long, and persists through death. The flask is probably best used when facing encounters that are especially challenging to your party or raid.

Also, we've seen players request details on the four new elixirs scheduled to go live with the next content patch and as a result, they've been detailed below.
  • Elixir of Draenic Wisdom: Intellect and Spirit are increased by 25.
  • Earthen Elixir: Reduces both spell and physical damage taken by 20.
  • Elixir of Ironskin: Resilience is raised by 30.
  • Elixir of Major Fortification: Increases health by 250 and provides 10 health every 5 seconds.

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#24 - 2007/04/13 03:03:18 AM
Q u o t e:
Sweet! Now even IF I discover a flask I won't be able to make money.

Also as to the new flasks.....4 new elixers that I need to scroll past to get to the only thing that will be useful: Primal Might Transmute.

The people at blizzard DO realize that you can't use elixers in the arena right?

Then why continue to make PvP elixers? Reseilence? 20 Spell and Phys damage reduction? Both arena stats. You think people spam elixers for world PvP or something? So that they get removed 2 minutes after you puet them on?

We plan to keep the reagent requirements for Elixir of Ironskin very reasonable.