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#1 - 2010/12/04 09:13:00 AM
Hey Flywheel and other devs!
Any update on xml feeds for characters/items on the new wow site? I've been holding off on writing a new character/item parser for Rawr, but am running out of time, and am afraid I'll just have to parse the HTML (yuck!), since Cata's a few days away and we want to release Rawr in time for Cata.

WTB [XML Feeds]! Offering lunch at Javier's, Yardhouse, or CPK in trade! PST!


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#3 - 2010/12/04 09:27:00 AM
Hey Astrylian,

Apologies for the delay! We are definitely going to provide you with some up-to-date feeds fresh off the new site. However, the most immediate priority for us has been to get the new site up and running. What this means for now is, the feeds will continue to be provided from the domain until we can implement fresh shiny new ones here. When that happens we will give you guys a heads up about it and should provide everyone with enough time to react before the switch becomes permanent.

* We would have worked on the XML feeds earlier had we known there was a free lunch in the deal! ;)

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#8 - 2010/12/04 07:34:00 PM
12/04/2010 3:09 AMPosted by Astrylian
While you're here, can you let me know if you expect the new xml feeds will be accessible via Flash/Silverlight?

Good question, we really haven't discussed this one yet. When we get focused on the feeds I'll be sure to raise this question.

12/04/2010 10:05 AMPosted by Gurloz
Regarding XML feeds, will there be XML feeds for guilds as well?


The problem I have with this is the old XML feeds are missing information and even data. The roster for Guilds is well and truely bugged. Not only that a lot of items are missing.

That's going to be the downside to using the old feeds, obviously they don't contain the new Cataclysm data, they just support changes to the existing data. We hope to have new feeds done as quickly as we can, but in the short term, things like guilds will be impacted.

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#16 - 2010/12/05 07:22:00 PM
12/05/2010 4:24 AMPosted by Gizen
Where will we find out about the new feeds when they're up? Is this forum the best way to keep tabs, or is there a dev channel somewhere?

I think once we are at a point where we feel comfortable with the new feeds we will make a news post on the homepage about it. At the same time, we will continue to use this forum to discuss all web & mobile related suggestions.

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#40 - 2010/12/08 01:09:00 AM
12/06/2010 9:28 PMPosted by Briandek
Perhaps this has been suggested before, but has there been any discussion on defining an official Armory dev API (like the Twitter dev API, etc) and respective documentation?
There has been discussion and we plan to develop something like this - what shape that will take exactly is still unknown, but we definitely want to work more closely with our fansites, this is important to us.

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#49 - 2010/12/09 10:02:00 PM
12/09/2010 1:00 PMPosted by Xtek
1. What format will it be in? Any chance we could get a JSON feed since it's much more compact in size?
2. Will there be a throttle like there was previously with WoW Armory?
3. Will there be any official support and/or communication from Blizzard regarding said service?
4. Any chance we could get a rough estimate or timeline? This would help so maybe people who really rely on this data could write an HTML sc!@!*r rather then blindly waiting.

Hi Xtek,
We haven't spent much time on this yet, but here are some quick answers off the top of my head:
1. JSON is definitely on the table.
2. That depends, we are looking into some ways around the throttle.
3. Yes to communication, unclear on level of support coverage at this time.
4. We're aiming for a first quarter release, but don't hold me to that.

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#52 - 2010/12/10 12:02:00 AM
Ah yes, so you did...

5. It will most likely continue to use Flash as that is something we've already invested a lot of effort into.
6. Anything is possible, though we're currently leaning towards another way of solving that issue. In an ideal world, you would not be throttled at all.

12/09/2010 2:18 PMPosted by Xtek
EDIT: Also I think I ran into you at BlizzCon. o/

Oh you remember that? Damn this faulty Neuralyzer!