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#1 - 2011/04/13 11:54:00 PM
The first API released is the realm status API. Following a RESTful model, this API can be accessed using the following base url: /api/wow/realm/status.

The following query string parameters can be optionally used when using this resource:

  • realms – A realms query string parameters can be added to the request to specify which realms should be returned. The value can either be a single realm or a comma separated list of realms.
  • jsonp – Specify a JSONP callback method to wrap around the JSON payload.

This API returns JSON data, but the "jsonp" parameter can be used to quickly embed this data into your website.

With that, an example URL and it’s payload would look like this:

The following url would return the entire list of realms and their statuses:

Multiple realms can also be specified: