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#1 - 2011/04/13 11:58:00 PM
I’m very pleased to provide the community with the first preview release of the Community Platform API. These World of Warcraft specific APIs are being made available to our community, developers and our partners to help expose some of the sought after data already served by the World of Warcraft community site.

The basics of the API are much like the RESTful APIs that you would find elsewhere. This set of APIs can be access through the base /api/wow URI for each region using the HTTP protocol. The default payload of these APIs is JSON and JSONP callbacks can be accessed using the jsonp query string parameter.

This initial release includes a realm status API to help alleviate the pain of having to scr<strong/>ape and parse the realm status page that currently provides this information. More details about this API and how to consume it can be found in the Realm Status API thread. The Realm Status API thread can be found here:

This set of APIs will also be expanded to include information found on the character, guild and arena team profile pages and will also include a platform registration process.
Lastly, please use this Website APIs forum as a place to ask questions about the API, give feedback, share how you are using it, engage other developers and report any bugs or issues you find.