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#0 - 2007/09/25 07:55:46 PM
Hey, just wanted to put up a positive blizz post for once and say thanks for the tweaks to fishing.

The bobber doesn't bob at the last second.

The fishing line now instantly appears as you cast. (saves on a ton of time waiting for school fishing)

And lastly, for OFFICIALLY making the aquadynamic fish attractor 10 minutes instead of 5. It was done last patch, but the item still said five minutes - and wasn't in the patch notes - so I think nobody wanted to thank you for it because we didn't want it reduced back to five minutes if it was a glitch. :P

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#1 - 2007/09/26 08:27:20 PM
Awesome, yeah it's good to see those going in and getting a good reaction. They're not huge, amazing, awesome changes, but they're those little fixes that just make playing that much more enjoyable and easy.

You might be pleased to learn about some fishing changes planned for 2.3 then too!

Fishermen, and Fisherladies, will be able to track fishing nodes, similar to herbalism and mining. The ability will be learned from a journal you can find in fished-up crates.

There will also be a couple new types of fish found near Karazhan and Zul'Aman, with associated cooking recipes, one of which is a mana-regenerative soup on-par with Purified Draenic Water, but with a well-fed buff to boot.