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#1 - 2011/04/15 03:37:00 AM
I've recently opened a ticket regarding some mechanic's of certain abilities. The ticket explained the issue was too long to place in a 500 word submitted ticket and covered the baseline issue with some probing questions on certain aspects. This ticket concluded that there was a problem with my self answered questions or there was a bug involved.

Submitting the ticket the wait timer of 8 hours 34 mins seemed reasonable enough however 5 mins later and a quick relog, ''Your ticket will be serviced soon!''. A further 2 minutes later you have received an automated response to this problem.

''I'm sorry I couldn't chat to you in person as you were offline'', no I wasn't... Ok thats some really bad customer support if ever there were some.

''Please take your issue to the forums'', wait what? I think i've found a bug and you don't care? you care so little for problems in your game that you want me to share the problem on the forums; and if this were a bug, possibly allow people to exploit it?

I'm dumbfounded with the negligent response to this, GM responses are so careless and treat people like utter *@@%. Perhaps on a side note I'd like to make the following suggestion:

Replace the wait timer on your submitted ticks to one of the following:
1) Your ticket has been pigeonholed and a broad ''spam'' message will follow the next time you log out, as frankly we really can't be bothered speaking to you.
2) Your ticket has been pigeonholed into our manual response section, please wait while an advisor can get back to you. However if you log off you will receive a spam message indicating were sorry you logged off, and couldn't help you anyway.
3) You're our lucky ticket of the year and a GM will be right with you, and even be able to help you with your problem; but it's working as intended so your going to read sorry an awful lot whilst being mocked and belittled as much as possible without you hopefully realising.

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#3 - 2011/04/15 03:44:00 PM
Greetings Shirel,

I’m glad to see that on submitting a further ticket to our support team, you had the opportunity to fully talk things through with one of our in-game representatives to make sure that your reports have been appropriately passed on to our QA team for further investigation.

Regarding the particular response you received to your first petition, we have had some unfortunate cases where players have appeared to be offline on our systems here while actually being online within the game. This is something we’re already looking into, of course, but may be related to what happened with your own ticket, so for this I do apologise.

Finally, if you ever wish to make comment on any support interactions received, you’re very welcome to send a mail to our Senior management team at the following dedicated address;
This channel of communication is reviewed by members of the management team, and each serious mail should receive an individual response to the feedback submitted therein. :)