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#0 - 2010/03/29 04:07:39 AM
I'd like to thank Blizzard for the arena experience. The grind to high ratings has been amazingly fulfilling. I hope this post is a nice change from the regular complaints that we see on the PvP forums.

I've been messing with arena since season 1, but I finally got really into it with WOTLK. I started in season 6, barely breaking the 1300s early on in the season. I struggled playing silly comps with friends, barely breaking 1500 by the end of the season. I spent that whole season learning the tricks, learning my class, gearing up. Now that I look back on it, I was a terrible player back then. I used to think I was doing everything I could, now that I look back, I was extremely inexperienced, I was a noob then.

In season 7, I continued learning and practicing and figuring things out. I found new, better partners, and halfway through, managed to actually hit 1800. I got a lot better that season, but still was not that great of a player, but I got better. That season I struggled in the 3v3 bracket, I wanted shoulders but just could not reach it. I never ended up finishing the relentless set or hitting 2k in 3s.

Now, in season 8, after 2 seasons of practice and learning, I've gotten to a 2k rating in 3v3. The hundreds upon hundreds of matches I've played have finally payed off, they culminated in a giant learning experience which helped me ultimately get where I am now.

To sum it up, for all of you arena'ers out there trying to reach 1500,1800, 2000, whatever, keep playing. Practice, learn, you'll make it eventually. It took me 2600 arena matches to figure out what I was doing. Call me slow, call me a scrub, I made it.

The arena system is awesome, it's a grind. Thank you so much Blizzard, every benchmark I've hit in my arena career has been amazingly fulfilling. Hitting 1200, 1300, 1400, 1500, etc. has always been awesome. There will be players who get gladiator the first season they play, but there will be people who need time to learn. Don't give up on arena, I love the system and how it took me time to get good at it. And the best part is, I'm not even done, there are higher ratings to hit and greater rewards to be acquired.

TLDR: I sucked for many seasons and it took me 3 seasons and 2600 arena matches to learn my class. After tons of practice I finally reached high ratings. The arena system is a fun and fulfilling grind. Thanks Blizzard.

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#27 - 2010/03/29 05:58:32 PM