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#0 - 2010/03/03 08:34:46 PM
So - there's a very mixed opinion pool on needing on frozen orbs.

I usually just greed on frozen orbs unless I see someone else already rolled need, then I'll need roll. I often hang back to be the last one rolling so I can't get ninjaed.

But I could directly make use of the battered hilt. So I think I'd roll need on that, even though it's probably equally needed by everyone.

To those that greed on frozen orbs, what would you do if a battered hilt dropped? Need or greed?

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#80 - 2010/03/27 01:51:46 AM
Q u o t e:
well me personally it dropped and i need rolled it cause i was still using the gargoyal femur. that being said i would need roll again.

you cant gripe and preach and piss and moan. cause blizzard was to lazy to make this bop and none seeable after quest completion.

unless your going with guildies your gonna be guarenteed that even ppl who have it will need for the easy cash. so yes i would need on it for the same reason. the morality check goes out the window when faced with the situation.

if in a group to help other guildies get it yes pass on it if you have it. if not need on it. if in a lfr yes need on it its simple they will so you should.

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