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#0 - 2006/08/25 01:34:47 AM

In order to better assure that the concerns of our players are addressed Blizzard Quality Assurance(QA) has several full time testers actively monitoring the Bug Report Forums and, when active, the Public Test Realm Forums.

We conduct daily passes on the two forums noted above, addressing issues in the order that they are posted. Since we don’t actively monitor the individual class forums, it is possible for issues to be missed or delayed by QA if they are not posted in the appropriate forum.

In general, I would just like to educate everyone on the existence of the Bug Report Forum and its level of moderation. More to the point though, I would also like to encourage those of you who are posting issues specific to your class to post on the Bug Report Forum instead of on this class specific forum. We’re always very happy to see reports that include a great amount of detail so keeping up discussions on your class forum is still encouraged, but it would help us out greatly if all reports were in a centralized location. This will also help to generate a more visible repository of information on currently known bugs that all players could view.

Bugs related to the current public version should be reported on the Bug Report Forum:

Bugs related to the current Test Realm version should be reported on the Test Realm Forum:

Important: This is related to bug reports ONLY. Please continue to post class suggestions here in the class specific forums, or the Suggestions forums. Also customer service and technical support issues should be posted in the appropriate forums in order to be addressed by the correct groups.

Many thanks for everyone who takes the time to report issues on any of our forums. Every day we fix many bugs that would have been missed if not for player reports. You are most certainly helping us make the World of Warcraft a better place.