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#0 - 2006/09/18 04:37:11 PM
i've been remembering some of my most memorable moments from WOW and wondered how well Blizz sets up an atmosphere for an encounter, so i reckon the way to check is to ask.

So which encounters in WOW made you think
- That guy/group..etc looks really cool?
- He looks so awesome i just want to /bow to him
- I am sooooo dead.

Here's mine:-

1. Onyxia. I think she looked so relaxed yet i knew she was deadly.
2. Majordomo - Coming up the slope and seeing him their standing in the smoke surrounded by the priests.I just had to bow to his style
3. Revealing Onyxia in SW - This was before i knew you should just leave the dragons to Bolvar. I just went "oh s$%t"

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#1 - 2006/09/18 04:39:37 PM
1. We need mirrors in game
2. See 1
3. Every time I hear that damn (un)stealth sound