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#0 - 2006/10/01 02:33:48 PM
Does anyone know if the 14day trial account restricts the gaining of soul drain (could have the wrong spell whatever give you shards)?

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#12 - 2006/10/02 05:43:46 PM
Q u o t e:

Yep stupid newbi mistake.

Mind you I'm on a 14 day trial disk at the moment, and having severe problems with logging into the forums. If NTL accounts have continuing problems with forum log in's I'm not really sure continuing is worth my while. This is about the 20th time I've tried to log and only the second time I've had any success, not really a good record.
It's a shame that what so far is a really good game is let down by having too fancy a protection system, well I'm assuming that's the reason WOW is trying to confirm ISP's.

I hope the problem gets fixed a multiplayer game is pretty limited without a forum to discuss things outside the game.

P.s. I'm making my rant here because for some reason I can't post on the log in problems page either.

Understandable, but not necessary. Like all issues, most of them get fixed and I'm sure more and more providers will start giving their users what they need and want, which would include better access to these forums.
We've also been having some issues with our forums on our side, which are also, over time, being worked on.
Enjoy the game, if you really enjoy it, try it for longer and once ina while try the forums again. Save the login attempts for when it's really urgent, for example :)
Did I mention, enjoy the game? :)