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#0 - 2006/10/11 03:12:18 AM
Over a year now and the second bindings of the windseeker didnt drop
Doing every mc not going out on days of mc and still no bindings.
a guild on my server got both bindings on same run
other guild started molten core and 3 months l8er they got 3 ppl with both bindings
and i who keep doing this instance every week after week got nothing
anyway my guild like 2 months ago stopped doing mc cuz no use in doing this place
and im paying for ppl to come to molten core and might get that place sometimes

this thing is wayyyy too muchhh
how can a guy wait for 1 Full YEAR for second bindings with all mats in bank and just wait
wait wait wait wait wait wait wait

lower the chance for first bindings to drop and make the chance for the second one to drop if u got one already higher or make something like this
cuz this can really ruin a gamer life in this game
every time a new person who got lev 60 few months ago get a new tf i dislike this game more more and even more, and every time it happens more then 60 players whisper me and frustrate me more !

i dont have anything really to say in this post
u might as well not read it


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#6 - 2006/10/18 10:37:57 AM
Please rethink your topic.