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#1 - 2011/03/17 10:54:00 PM
Affliction warlocks 100% rely on our dots to create pressure. There are other grave issues with affliction at the moment, but no issue is crippling us more then dispels are.

Currently, the penalty for dispelling Unstable Affliction is a mere 10k dmg (on resil targets) and a 4 sec silence. I am thankful we have something compared to nothing. However, the current penalty is not anywhere near enough to deter all healers from spam dispelling all our dots as much as they possibly can.

It was made clear to players that in Cata blizzard wanted dispels to be a choice, and not remain something that is done with little to no thought. I mention that because at the moment there is absolutely no thought on the healers part when it comes to dispelling all our damage. Resto shamans are by far the worst offenders of this. When a resto shaman faces a team who has a warlock (really any caster for that matter) they literally almost never have to cast to heal their team. It's completely ridiculous that a resto shaman can heal his entire team by just dispelling. Where is the thought in that? The same goes for other healers too. They all do it, but by far shamans do it more then anyone else.

Its simple math on their part really. If they dispel our dots they take 10k damage, and as a result they prevent about 15k damage. Aside from the math of it, the biggest rewards they get by dispelling are 2 things:
1. They destroy our pressure (in the course of a 3v3 match pressure is what forces cds and ultimately leads to kills)
2. They don't need to cast a heal and subject themselves to an interrupt or a cc.

Aside from damage, UA having a proper dispel penalty also effects our cc ability fear. Fear rarely sticks on a dps target because again there is no reason to not dispel UA. At the moment warlocks are good in arena for 2 reasons: Fear and our defensive mechanisms. As the seasons go on and healthpools continue to go up along with spellpower (bigger heals), it will be even less of a threat to dispel UA then it currently is.

Bottom line is that UA must force healers to think about dispelling our dots. We can't function properly until that happens. Im not saying that we aren't viable or good etc. I choose the word properly for a reason. No dps should have 100% of their damage negated by an ability that has no cooldown without a serious consequence.

Here is where the rubber meets the road. Change UA's dispel penalty in 2 ways:
1. It deals no less then 35k damage to the dispeler
2. It must scale as gear does. When healthpools go up so must the damage.

This change would have 0 pve side effects and would actually threaten a healer without making it overpowered.

Thanks for your time.

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#179 - 2011/03/29 07:05:00 PM
We think the silence from dispelling Unstable Affliction is sufficiently punitive, but the damage may be too low currently - - that it isn’t scary enough to make it a decision to dispel or not.

In general, it’s not our goal to offer dispel protection for every dot or hot out there, but Unstable Affliction is a spell and mechanic we like and we want to make sure it’s doing its job. Maybe a damage bump would be enough, but in any case it's an ability we're looking at.

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#193 - 2011/03/29 07:49:00 PM
03/29/2011 12:34 PMPosted by Atuan
What about Shadow Priests?

This. Shadow Priests are just as reliant on DoTs, and even when Sin & Punishment works properly it is not at all a deterrence from dispelling our DoTs -- it quickly DRs to less than the GCD, and shares a DR with one of our long CD CC.

Yeah that was the whole "In general, it’s not our goal to offer dispel protection for every dot or hot out there" part.